The path to a strengthened and successful school begins here.

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Phase 1

The first phase of PaSS is designed to guide your self-reflection and evaluation of your school. Through simple yes, no, or I don’t know questions, you will be able to share all the important information about your school without the nuisance of preparing burdensome reports. Our database analyzes the answers you give, providing the next set of questions based on those answers. At the end of all the survey questions, the answers are analyzed and a report is generated with your score in each “neighborhood”of the school community. This report gives a panorama of your school which will allow you to choose which path you would like to take for the strengthening of your school and educational community.


The contact community consists of all relationships that a school has with external entities. The goal of this particular is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that allow them to live their values ​​and their mission in the community.

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Parents are essential collaborators in Christina Education. This connected community is vital to the advancement of the school's mission and to ensure quality learning for students

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The vital components of how a school is governed are explained through these particulars, regardless of the size or type of school.

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Administrative Leadership

Every school requires a team of leaders that ensure the advancement of their mission and accomplishing their goals. These particulars highlight the key characteristics in quality leaders.

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Teaching Staff

The particulars of the teaching staff establish the non-negotiable elements to ensure an exceptional education. The teacher is the primary player in the student experience and can be the difference between a good school and a great one.

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Support Personnel

Comprehensive education requires a team of professionals who serve all areas of student development and workers who care for and cultivate the learning environment.

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The formation of students is paramount for an exceptional Christian school. These particulars outline crucial elements for the integral development of active disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Students: Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation refers to the care and development of the soul of each student.

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Students: Socio Emotional Formation

The socio-emotional formation in students is the foundation for successful learning.

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Students: Academic Formation

Academic formation encompasses all of the elements in the teaching and learning process.

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Students: Physical Formation

As important as spiritual, socio-emotional and academic development is physical development, both exercising the body, caring for it and feeling safe in it.

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Phase 2

The second phase consists in sharing evidence from your highest scoring neighborhoods. We believe it is vital to highlight the strengths of our communities, in order to celebrate your achievements while also identifying member schools whose experiences and resources could strengthen other schools. Part of beginning your Path to Strengthening is realizing the journey should not be done alone. The stronger we all are, the better the global educational community will be, which means more students served with love, rigor and excellence to be lights in the darkness, disciples who can share Christ with the world.

Phase 3

Based on the reports generated by your survey answers, and the evidence from your best scores, PaSS will provide you with options for continuing on the pathway to strengthening. You will receive an orientation to all the components of the training phase, so that you can then choose the path which best serves the needs of your community and utilizes resources you already have. No Pathway is the same, but the final destination is: strengthened schools to advance God’s kingdom throughout the world.