Why PaSS?

Paths to School Strengthening was created to...


schools through a holistic school strengthening process focused on growth rather than pre-set benchmarks.

Be accessible

to a wide range of development levels and socio-economic classes of schools.

Utilize technology

to amplify accessibility and collaboration.


a continual rhythm of training and self-evaluation to measure and stimulate growth.


individualized continuous training to develop the skills needed to progress along their unique School Strengthening Plan (SSP).

PaSS Values

Everything in the PaSS process has been developed and will be guided by these principles


Integral Biblical worldview and values throughout entire Educational Community.


Strengthening depends on people working together at the local, national and international levels.


Continuous growth and strengthening instead of achieving external benchmarks.


Facilitating growth through supportive opportunities rather than prescriptive directives.


Any school with an interest in growth will have access to the tools and support necessary to begin their strengthening plan.


Schools will choose the elements and pace of their strengthening plan based on their evaluation results.

1 School Selection & Expectations
  • Interested schools begin a two-step application process that provides the base of their Profile. If accepted, they will receive an email notifying them that they are able to start the surveys.
2 Survey Tool — Evaluation
  • Once you receive the acceptance email, you can start the survey in your preferred neighbourhood. There is no need to follow a specific order and you do not need to survey all neighbourhoods at once. In addition, multiple users can now register to your School and answer the surveys separately. This will help us to better calculate the results of the surveys.
3 School Results — Analysis of School & Development of SSP
  • A report is then provided to leaders that demonstrates the score in the chosen neighbourhood. Leaders will complete a second phase of data collection in the event that their score was above 75. This allows for the celebration of a school and keeps their achievements and skills in front of them. Whether or not they complete phase 2, they will move on to phase 3 to conduct their analysis of their results and create their School Strengthening Plan.
4 Training — Modules to advance their unique SSP
  • With their analysis done and their strengthening plan created, the work of growth begins. In some cases, leaders assign tasks to carry out the steps in their plan. In other cases, school leaders and their staff will need training for certain parts of their plan. PaSS will create a library of online resources and learning cohorts to develop the skills needed to progress in their unique plan. They also conduct a periodic reassessment (minimum once a year) to measure growth and recognise progress.
5 Schools of Influence — Cycles of Growth
  • They are schools that demonstrate continued growth and achievement of excellence in all particulars. We invite these schools to invest their success in their local community and the other schools in the PaSS process.